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    紡織網    2008-10-31 14:15:37 我要收藏

     `Nusantata Trading Co. Ltd. Jalan Malaks No.51 Jakarta

    Tel : 62 21 380000000 Fax: 62 21 380000001

    January 18, 200#

    Ms. Leung Suet Chan
    Deputy Manager
    New Times Trading Company Limited
    13-14/F., Industry Building
    35 Harbour Road, Wanchai
    Hong Kong

    Dear Ms. Leung

    Order NT-20717

    Thank you for your fax of 17 January. We are extremely sorry to learn that an error was made in carton 13 of the above order.

    The missing 9,000 ball pens were sent this morning by Cathay Airways and the documents have alreadly been forwarded you.

    We greatly regret the inconvenience caused by this and the previous two errors and offer ore sincere apologies. We can assure you that every effect will be made to ensure that similar errors do not occur again.

    Yours sincerely

    Rob Subbaraman
    Export Mangager


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