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    紡織網    2008-10-31 14:15:37 我要收藏

    cathay Business Machines Import & Export Corporation

    2000 Century Boulevard Pudong, Shanghai 201206, China
    Tel:(021)59000000 Fax:(021) 59000001

    September 5, 20**

    Universal Software, Inc.
    2468 Oak Street
    San Francisco CA94105


    From the latest issue of Computer World we have learned about your Business Guide software package for IBM-compatible PCs. We would like to find out more information about the package because we think it might be appropriate to the needs of our customers.

    Would you mind answering the following questions?
    1. Is the program an integrated package, or does it come in several modules?
    2. Can the user swith from function to funtion without down-loading?
    3. Can the user customize the billing periods?
    4. Is there any provision for security?
    5. What is the price of the software?

    If you have a brochure that describes the package, we would appreciate you sending it along.

    Sincerely yours.

    SHEN Husheng(Mr.)
    Import Manager

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